Indigo 400gm


Indigo is a dye that is derived from crushing the leaves of the indigo plant.


Dyes hair in a natural way covers up every grey hair strand.

Makes hair shiny, strong & dense

It Fights Dandruff to an extent.

Soothes & Conditions the scalp.

How to use it: Mix it with water and apply the paste for 30-40 minutes.

Use it with Henna for achieving browner tones.



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Indigo is completely natural and hence safe to use regularly on hair. Indigo leaf powder not only dyes your hair naturally, but also stimulates hair growth when applied regularly. When mixed in the right proportion with natural henna powder, the combination can give you a variety of tinges from black to brown to mahogany. Benefits:

• Effectively treats grey hair.

• Indigo applied over Henna treated Hair gives it a lush black color.

• Made with organic ingredients.

• Vegan and chemical-free.

• Instant results. How to use: • Indigo paste if applied a day after the henna application, gives better results

• Take the indigo powder into a vessel and mix it up with the warm water and make a thick paste

• The indigo paste stains everything it contacts including the cloths and the hands. Please use hand gloves and wear old clothes

• Protect the hairline and neck. Use the hairband or apply oil to the hairline and the neck.

• Apply the paste to the hair thoroughly and liberally. Clean hair will give better results. Avoid usage of conditioner. The chemicals in the conditioner prevent Indigo results.

• Wrap the hair with a hair cap

• Wash the hair after 1 hour.

• Do not apply shampoo for one day.

• The indigo paste turns the hands and fingers black while applying. Please use gloves to avoid such inconvenience

Care instructions:

• Patch test recommended before use. Stop if irritation occurs • Use within 9 months from opening.

• Store in a cool or dry place away from sunlight

• For topical application only, keep away from children

Indigo stays on for 15 washes. Changes from person to person based on the hair shampoo they use.

Made of : Indigofera tinctoria

Weight : 200 gm



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